Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Funny Valentine

Allow me to preface this post with the announcement that I enjoy Valentine's Day! Although, that could be because I am married, so I'm guaranteed to have a valentine. Honestly, though, I fall for all kinds of Valentine's Day gifts...from the heavy romantic gestures to the sweet little notions and all the "I love you's" in between. Yeah, I'm a big sap. And yeah, I'm proud of that. But you know what the best part is? I found someone who loves it too. He might not enjoy shelling out money on the occasional big gift, but deep down I know he believes in a thing called love and the day of celebrating it. It just might be the only holiday where we don't bicker. We set aside our squabbles and petty jabs to get cozy in our love nest. Now that you have thrown up, I digress...

Yesterday, I had one of the best meals ever cooked in my kitchen. The best part? I didn't even make it! The pickiest eater I have ever known (cough, GUY) was the master chef for Valentine's Day. I thought "ooh boy, let's see how this plays out..." since Guy has only ever cooked me about 10 meals, most of which were spaghetti or something frozen.

I attempted to make a very healthy version of blueberry muffins for breakfast, which tasted of cardboard and had the texture of week old bread. I'm sure they would have been delicious if I hadn't tripled the flour. 

Blueberry turd nuggets.

Lucky for me, Chef Guy Johnson was making Chicken Parmigiana and bread sticks, from scratch! There was absolutely nothing healthy about this meal, but who cares? It's Valentine's Day! This man worked his butt off. He started making the dough for the bread around noon. I didn't have to help one bit, other than verifying we had the ingredients. He even figured out how to use the Kitchen Aid mixer. By this time, I was falling in love with him all over again.

He flattened and breaded the chicken breasts perfectly...he rolled the dough into beautiful little bread sticks and baked them flawlessly. Even brushed them with butter and garlic salt. This is the beautiful meal my husband made for me...
Guy's chicken parmigiana with angel hair pasta.

Guy's handmade bread sticks.

The meal was followed by a bedtime routine for Olive, then Guy and I just hung out on the couch together. We shared a bowl of the chocolate mousse I'd made the previous day (ssshh it was made with tofu, don't tell Guy!) and we laughed as we watched some of our favorite TV shows together. It was a lot like every other night, with a few differences, but that's my ideal romantic evening. I love every day that I get to spend with my family, so just add a handsome chef in the kitchen and you have the perfect Valentine's Day! 

My funny valentines!

What did you do for Valentine's Day?

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