Wool Shorties

So, I knit wool shorties. These are basically wool diaper covers that go over cloth diapers and double as pants. My wool covers are superior to any other kind because they are leak-proof without being bulky, are custom made to any size and shape, and have all the amazing properties of wool (antibacterial and breathable). I use them on Olive and I have made several for other people that can attest to their effectiveness. I put a lot of care into making them perfect, with extra room in the tush, if need be. You can buy these fantastic mini pants from my Etsy or from the wonderful people at Jack's Choice who also do cool stuff like personal shopping! 

Wool is a magical fiber. It absorbs and repels liquid at the same time. It can absorb over 1/3 of its weight in moisture before it begins to feel damp. It draws all moisture away from the skin, locking it in. Even when it is damp, it isn't clammy like cotton or any other fiber. It stays warm, which helps prevent mastitis. 
I was really wanting to make some wool nursing pads similar to the LanaCare ones, which are very pricey. I decided to design a pair of my own. Well, after days of crocheting and ripping apart and crocheting again, I finally found a design I liked. In fact, I like them a lot better than the expensive ones! 

The crocheted design means I can get all the absorbency of 3 layers with just one layer. Plus,  these are concave, not flat like most pads, so they fit seamlessly under clothes. I easily can make them into whatever size someone wants, so that's neat. When you crochet something circular like this, all you have to do to increase the size is just add another row. Simple!

After crocheting them, I give them a hot wash and fluff up the fibers so any gaps are filled. Even unfelted, these absorbed an amazing amount of liquid, with very little leaking. But, I want ZERO leaks, so I felt. 

For even more awesomeness, I lanolized these little soakers. Basically, I give them a coating of lanolin, which repels moisture and is known for its therapeutic properties. Women have been using lanolin to treat sore nipples for a very long time. Plus, every time you apply it to yourself and put the pads on, you are re-lanolizing them! If they ever start to feel even the least bit scratchy, simply put on some lanolin. 

How could these get any better? You only need to wash them about every 3 weeks. 
When they feel damp, simply set them out to dry, brush off the milk dust, and you are good to go! When they start to feel stiff or "crunchy", then it's time for a wash. Just hand-wash in a sink of room temp water and a squirt of baby  shampoo (or wool wash). Rinse, ring out, dry flat. Done. 

You can order a pair (or 2, 3, or 4) online and I will custom make them for your boobies or your friends boobies! 

I have an Etsy shop here

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